New Album in the works

2017 has been a weird and wonderful year for me. It’s seen the release of Like A Fire from my album SHAPES, as well as my single for Learn to Play Weekend called ‘Beat Another Rhythm’ which resulted in my first ever self recorded and directed video all on Snapchat! (Watch here) I’ve also watched as my Facebook family has grown and have loved receiving all the messages and interacting with everyone on there.

Now as Christmas is drawing nearer, and the evenings are getting darker, my thoughts are moving to my next record and how its ‘shaping’ up. I”ve been a little quiet of late, spending a lot of my time getting inspiration and writing different ideas. It’s been great to get back to my roots just writing a lot of songs on my own, me and my piano. As a writer for other artists, it can be easy to get lost in their musical worlds and lose track of my own direction, but I’m excited to be making this next record as personal as possible, and I’m enjoying experimenting with different sounds. I’ve never shared a snippet of a song that hasn’t been finished before, but I decided I’d post a little something recently which you can check out here: New Song Link

In the midst of my new record, I’m planning on releasing a little something over Christmas, so look out for that coming soon. I hate to say it, but, only 10 weeks to go! 🙂

N x


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