“[Nina is] a terrific solo artist, primed for big things”
Music Musings and Such Blog

“Current, upbeat and straight to the point…Nina’s vocal power sounds astoundingly effortless … Very hooky melodies”
The Bizz Nizz

“… A star in the making … Epic songs, an immense and pitch perfect vocal”

“Imagine a young (and easier to relate to) Tori Amos, with a dollop of PJ Harvey and a sprinkling of Kate Bush and you’re somewhere around half way there…”

“[Nina has] an exceptional talent for creating original and catchy hooks in her song-writing”
Phil Jackson Southern Counties Radio, Host

[Nina shows] a brave approach to her music, not afraid to take risks…confident… kooky … In control … And totally absorbing – a voice that [I] will not forget
The Industry Panel, South Live

“exceptional and unique … [I] could easily imagine a crowd at a festival singing
Sally Taylor, BBC Radio Solent

“[Nina has] a beautiful voice that you simply have to hear!” (Eagle Radio DJ, Andy Vale) “Sweet, soulful, jazzy and dare I say “Lullaby-esque”

“… A fresh and unique voice … A natural stand out … An artist whom should get used to life in [the] limelight”

“There are many reasons to listen to the phenomenal artist Nina Schofield … The collective body of work by Ms. Schofield truly doesn’t disappoint. She is a soulful young woman working with great material”
Christopher Levine, Author of Eclectiblogs-Weekly Meanderings for Music Head Consumption”


Articles in ‘Life in’ Magazine/newspapers across the south of the UK. Including 2 front covers on Life in Petersfield.